About HI Accounts®

HI Accounts, an integrated and innovative accounting, billing and inventory software was conceived and designed with Malaysian chartered accountants and GST consultants in year 2014. It was approved by Royal Customs Malaysia Department (RCMD) on February 5th 2016.


myHyva IT Solutions Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Hyva IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. was established in Malaysia in 2012.

Hyva IT solutions, a UK based IT solutions company stands tall amongst its peers by offering customers the dynamic combination of design and technology that boosts business with decided economic advancements. The company’s raging success has lead to its expansion to India and the results have only grown manifold thereafter. Hyva IT solutions, India is a venture started in conjunction with a $ 40 million business giant, the Vali Group.A decade long dominance in the global market has ensured the Vali group the respect and loyal customer base it enjoys today.

Founded in 2003 Hyva IT solutions, a privately held company has made inroads into the Indian market backed by a team of stalwarts that have a combined professional experience of more than 43 years in the realm of CRM Software Development. With its aims set on active expansion in the IT and telecom sector in India, Hyva is charging ahead adding more facets to the existing business of CRM Software Development for call centers.Diversifying their existent portfolio of software product development with added services that include IT Infrastructure Management and a host of other exclusive IT Software Services.At Hyva we base our service model on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices operating via an established and proven framework that offers customers the distinct advantage of customized and cutting edge technology that adds value to their workspaces in a cost effective and timely manner. It is no wonder then that in the span of three years we have successfully serviced over 25 established customers across the European market and extended our services to over 700 satisfied users worldwide.

Our 70 people strong team strives to understand the specifics of the customers’ enterprise and study the challenges of the business in the rapidly changing business environment. An onsite resource model coupled with a keen approach ensures we deliver high quality solutions that are ideal and specific to the customer in question. Hyva offers software development services that can greatly improve the course of customer business and prides itself in offering solutions that are exact in defining and satisfying every customer’s customized needs. With a finger on the pulse of IT market we are aware of the most asked-for services and choose only the proven and well-operating amongst them. Tested methodologies, innovative processes and a host of global resources ensure the latest in technology ensuring quick ramp ups and turn around results that are useful for outsourced services and tech-support management.

At Hyva the focus is on acting on every possible lead to serve customers better. Our diversified section of services offers a varied range of customers the solutions to their every need. And to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves we have enlisted the help of employees that are certified by the best in the business. At Hyva IT solutions, we understand the importance of trust and business ethics to achieve mutual and stable ongoing growth. Every customer we approach, we do so, on the assumption of a long-term relationship, and fuel our individual services to our customers with the desire to develop and foster a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Vission & Mission

At Hyva we strive to deliver a compelling experience to our customers through proactive and innovative processes that generate new and greater revenue opportunities and simultaneously offer cost efficient resolutions leading to a definitive edge in the market.

Our Team

The single most important asset in the software consulting business is people. Offering offshore software development for European clients over the three years with a team of driven and experienced members has enabled us to now focus on the Indian market. We have made great headway into the International market with the expertise of our team in our favor.

Every member stands as an integral part of the solid backbone for intra-company relationships. We do a lot to foster employee satisfaction and relationship-building, which all helps make for a stronger team. With their passion to excel and their highly qualified backgrounds each member of our team ensures that the Hyva brand stands tall amongst peers. And we endeavor to fuel their ambition and drive with innovative individual skill developmental training programs that include project management, team building drills, soft skill management programs and Entrepreneurial developmental programs.

A live and active work culture ensures that a spirit of best practices and optimization of resources to produce best results is prevalent within the organization. Our insistence on a mutually beneficial work culture, effective employee support drives and emphasis on the best practices ensure a corporate environment that services the best with the best. With certification from the best in the industry – Cisco, Sun, Microsoft, HP to name a few our proactive team has supplemented their knowledge with extensive experience in working. A keen acumen and a dedicated approach to install streamlined procedures that assure quality round the clock sets our team apart from the rest in the industry.