Business Partners Programme

MyHyva’s business partner programme offers the tools, resources, and the expertise your company needs to create new markets and promote your business exponentially.

The Power of Partnership

MyHyva’s business partner programme offers the tools, resources, and the expertise your company needs to create new markets and promote your business exponentially.

MyHyva is commited to transform the way our partners develop their businesses, positively. We offer partner-specific training, resources, go-to-market tools, and support. These valuable benefits help our partners open new business opportunities and deliver more value to their customers. our partners can look forward to specialized skills and expertise which translates to increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

About HI Accounts

HI ACCOUNTS is an intelligent accounting software with a versatile dashboard integrated with Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Latest Security Features

The software is powered by latest security features to secure data or information for optimal integrity and confidentiality specifically for small, medium and large enterprises.

Reports Management

With intuitive report management, timely submission, accurate and complete returns, reports and form can be generated easily. it’s GST feature expedites submission of GST forms which make payments and refunds much simpler.

Dedicated Help Desk

Our experts are stationed to provide a quick troubleshooting for users experiencing installation issues or problems with interface or functionality. The efficient support is provided by a pool of skilled professionals trained to respond passionately to user needs. For quick and reliable support, user just has to submit a support ticket for the immediate attention from the team across various support and response channels as per user convenience.

One-Point Integrated Account Management

Create purchase or sales orders, delivery & receipt with invoices and bills all integrated with modules to create, edit, manage and update data anytime and anywhere.

Intelligent Dashboard

Highly customizable and intelligent configurator that organizes your dashboard efficiently and effectively.

Multi-Industries Support

Built-in comprehensive list of different industries with relevant chart of accounts to choose from.

Multi-Currency Support

HI Accounts supports multi-currency & also it helps you to auto-calculate the currency exchange differences.

Recurring Transaction Support

Automate the workflow and spend less time on repetitive and boring tasks by setting up your recurring billing, payment reminders, auto charge and payment thank you note.

Compliance with GST Requirement

HI Accounts is ready with GST, complete with GAF, tax codes and online submission feature.

Our Partnership Programmes

The Business Partner

Exclusive to Value Added Re-sellers and Systems Integrators to sell and support Hi Accounts, we offer extensive sales, marketing and technical support and training services to ensure your total success. Additionally, you receive a complete product library of end-to-end solutions for sales presentations, support functions and internal use.

The Development Partner

This is for facilitators and integrators of third-party solutions with Hi Accounts. We believe your solutions combined with ours can make for an important resources for extending tremendous functionality for your clients. You receive valuable benefits, including a variety of technical and marketing support, such as access to product demos and upgrades, access to technical tools and documentation, and product beta testing opportunities.

Certified Consultants

This programme is designed for individual software consultants, either independent or employed by a our other business partners, seeking certification in the installation, implementation and support of Hi Accounts. Certified Consultants are eligible for the same support services available to Business Partners including a complete product library, end-to-end solutions and more.

Hi Accounts is an accounts management software that offers a perfect balance of precision, intelligence and simplicity which comes integrated with Goods and Services Tax (GST). Designed for small, midsize and large businesses for complete control over their accounting data, inventory, and financial information with an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy modules. In sum, Hi Accounts has the ability to connect people, processes, and systems all from one place, saving businesses precious time and money.

Let’s Forge a Relationship

Discover the exciting opportunities for you to help your customers to gain deeper insights and enriched performance for their organizations by partnering with us. We will help you with the tools, resources, and the expertise your company needs to grow and prosper in the financial and accounting world. Reach out to us and let us talk about building a brilliant future on an innovative software.