Goods & Service Tax

All About GST?

The government has replaced the existing SST (sales and service tax) with the GST (goods and services tax) starting from 1st April 2015. HI Accounts, GST Accounting Software Malaysia, in the Malaysian government’s and Customs efforts to enhance the effectiveness of the existing tax, GST is more business friendly, efficient, transparent and highly important by eliminating all the weaknesses of SST.

How Does GST affect my business?

GST has different effects and impacts different businesses on various levels due to its consumption based tax nature. In GST, tax payment is done by intermediary parties from product manufacturers and distributors to retailers.

How do you begin ?

There are plenty of useful seminars on the GST system, through which you can prepare your business for the GST. HI Accounts, a GST Accounting Software Malaysia, is not just a GST tool for your GST returns and records but also generates important reports for auditing and decision making.

Is HI Accounts just a GST tool?

HI Accounts is not just for GST transactions. All business transactions need to be recorded in order to comply with GST. Using HI Accounts, GST Accounting Software Malaysia, is highly recommended as it records the values during your business transactions to all relevant records and can be used for auditing and analyzing your business as well as reporting purposes.

Is HI Accounts GST compliant in Malaysia?

Yes, Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia had approved us on the 21st of January 2016 for complying with all the latest guidelines and requirements of the GST compliant module.

HI Accounts has successfully passed the GST compliance requirements of Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia and they have currently issued us a Certificate with the approval number: KE.HF (121)426/05-395.