Why HI Accounts®

For most businesses managing accounts is daunting task. HI Accounts automates day to day activities by using latest tools and techniques. It is one of the intelligent software in the world that uses the latest technology to stay in line with the current trend, easing the complicated process, to enhance the overall software efficiency

Why HI Accounts?

HI Accounts is a complete business accounting solution. Money is what you pay, value is what you get. We know you value your money and hence ensure every rupee spent equals satisfaction and fulfillment.

Stay Secured

We know that your business depends on its accounting software for its very existence. Data is most priced asset for any businesses, and if lost or tampered you stand to lose time, money and business secrets. Our software is powered by latest security features to maintain integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Managing Inventory transactions such as receipts, delivery challans, returns, and stock transfer has never been more organic. Inventory Management Module in HI Accounts lets you maintain your stock in multiple locations, have multiple Unit of Measurement and define different items group or category. You can track and update stock levels on real time.

Why HI Accounts Stands out

HI Accounts why choose us image

Flexibility &Scalability

works on a single store as well as multiple stores

Add unlimited products, customers, users, manage multiple stores and registers.

Integrated Account Modules

Reports and GST as "Real-time"

Our integrated interface enables one point entry system whereby invoices, Journals, Stock Registers and orders are affected as "Real-time" which ensure you get latest information.

Ready to Use

easy to install and ready to run

Within a little time, configure the Sales and Purchases Prices, Discounts and Promotions in the Inventory Control.

Anywhere & Any Device

works online & offline

HI Accounts works on any device be it MAC, Windows PC or tablet and can be integrated with peripherals like printers, Scanners and cash drawers. It has capabilities to work both offline and online, giving you literally best of both worlds.

Unique Selling Proposition


Unlike most accounting systems which are file based and move the entire data over the network, HI Accounts is client-server based and only sends SQL queries to the server. This speed ups the heavy data processing over the network.

Data Size Handling

HI Accounts has SQL client/server database. This allows you to handle large data with higher speed when compared to file based systems.

Database Recovery

Just by installing a power backup in the dedicated server you can guarantee that your data is never lost. Our SQL based client/server database ensures that even in event of computer, network or server failure, the entire database is not corrupted.

Scheduled and Automatic Backups

You can schedule backup of your data at your convenience even while you are working. We make sure that your data is completely secure even if your computer is lost or stolen.

Instruction Manual

Our Step-by-step setup and new-user video tutorials help users gain confidence from the start. HI Accounts user manual is available offline and on-line. Our help is just a click away.

User Audit Trails

HI Accounts enables tracking of transactions and actions done on the system by users. You can define access and responsibilities of users. It also tracks and provides action log of generation and modifications done to all transactions.

Notifications and Alerts

HI Accounts sends you periodical alerts and notifications for Receivables, Payables, Tax dues, Inventory, etc. well in advance. It also acts as your statutory compliance planner and pings you about return filling deadlines.

GST for Malayasia

Your business will be ready for GST right from the day it is implemented. HI Accounts is GST ready and tracks GST not only in your invoices but also your purchases and expenses. With the Simplified and Full Tax options we make sure you never lose the GST and Input Tax Credit amount. HI accounts auto populates details of outward and inward supplies of goods or services and generates GSTR-1 and GSTR-2. Print or export your GSTR-1 & 2 to PDF at the click of a button.

Proactive Invoicing

We provide simple invoicing solution with different templates customized for different businesses. Our online billing system makes the entire process of creating and sending invoices to your customers very simple and easy. Generate and send Retail or Tax invoice instantly and automate the entire process. You can create invoices in multiple currencies and also view sales in functional currency simply by updating exchange rates.


HI Accounts offers efficient management of payroll with comprehensive solution to complicated payroll system. It automates functions like payroll filling and payments, calculation of working hours, leave, overtime, salary calculations and TDS thereon.

Purchase to Payment

Raise and send Purchase Orders, accept bills and track unpaid vendors. With HI Accounts you can easily manage your creditors, ensure that all expenses are accounted and vendors are paid on time.

Always know where your business stands

Information is power. HI Accounts have robust reporting and analysis capabilities. It lets you to view and analyze Profit & Loss, Cash and Fund Flow, Inventory, Balance Sheet and many important reports at click of a button.